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Which Mini PC is right for You?

The ECS Liva Q3 Plus is a tiny, quiet, capable, and affordable mini PC that’s a great fit as a living-room media streamer or light-duty, hide-anywhere office computer. If you\’re okay with sacrificing just a bit of extra heft for heaps more power, the Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast Kit mini PC packs quite a CPU and GPU wallop into its petite chassis.

How much RAM and memory does a mini computer have?

With memory up to 32GB RAM and storage capacity up to 2TB, these mini machines can pack a powerful punch. Who needs a desktop, anyway? Our laptop deals make it easy to find a device to work with your budget, so browse our full range today and pick your perfect partner in ‘take it with you’ tech.

What is the smallest PC?

The very smallest PCs might be termed the \”stick class,\” vanguarded by the Atom-CPU-powered Intel Compute Stick we first reviewed in early 2015 (and again in its refreshed, Cherry Trail Atom and Core m3 forms in 2016), followed by similar sticks from Asus, Azulle, Lenovo, and others.

What kind of storage do I need for a mini PC?

The form factor of the storage varies more. Depending on the mini PC you are looking at, you may need a 2.5-inch drive (a solid-state or hard drive, the size that goes into most full-size laptops), or a cutting-edge variety of SSD that\’s known as an M.2 SSD. Such drives are the size and shape of a stick of chewing gum.

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