pc engine coregrafx mini review

The PC Engine Core Grafx Mini is definitely impressive but is arguably designed to serve a much smaller audience when up against the PlayStation Classic and SNES Mini. It also boasts a higher price that some may find difficult to swallow.
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How much does the PC Engine CoreGrafx mini cost?

The PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini is out now. It’s exclusive to Amazon UK and can be bought for £99.99. Alternatively, if you live in America, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini can be bought from Amazon US for $99.99. In order that I could write this review, I received a review sample from Konami.

How many games are in the PC Engine core Grafx mini?

PC Engine Core Grafx Mini contains a total of 50 games, which can be split into two distinct categories. You’ve got 26 PC Engine titles (all of which are in Japanese) alongside 24 games which initially launched on the TurboGrafx-16.

Why is the PC Engine TurboGrafx-16 CoreGrafx Super Ultra fancy mini thingy so popular?

Because of this, and because of the system’s relative anonymity in Europe, there’s a huge percentage of the gaming public who have a love for retro gaming but for whom NEC’s system is a massive gap in their knowledge. This is why the PC Engine TurboGrafx-16 CoreGrafx Super Ultra Fancy Mini Thingy is an absolute treat for retro gamers.

Can you play coregrafx-16 Mini 2 player with a controller?

There are two controller ports, however, so if you want to play CoreGrafx Mini/TurboGrafx-16 Mini games in two-player, you’ll simply have to fork out for another controller. If third-party ones become available maybe they’ll have better d-pads, because the one on the standard controller isn’t great.

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