nvidia shield vs mini pc

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Can you play PC games on NVIDIA SHIELD TV?

Running Android TV, it\’s a combination of set-top box and console and using GameStream can put your PC games where you put your feet up. NVIDIA has its own controller for the Shield TV, and naturally, using GameStream requires you have an NVIDIA GPU in your PC as well as the Geforce Experience app.

Is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV worth it?

The NVIDIA Shield TV is a little more serious a product, mostly because it\’s not just a game streaming box. It\’s an everything streaming box. When you\’re done streaming games it\’s just a couple of clicks and you\’re in Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What\’s the difference between the Nvidia Shield and Steam Link?

The Shield TV is a full set-top box capable of running apps, showing Live TV, even running as a Plex Media Server. The Steam Link is nothing more than remote play for your game library. The other is the price. The Shield starts at $199, the Steam Link at just $40 In this regard, it\’s mostly a wash.

Does the Nvidia Shield support 4K HDR gaming?

If you have the PC for 4K HDR gaming and a killer local network connection, the Shield will let you stream your games in 4K. The Steam Link is limited to 1080p at 60fps, which is still very respectable given you\’re not actually in front of your PC.

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