nuc barebones mini pc

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What is an Intel® NUC barebones kit?

Connect your monitor, keyboard, and mouse—power up and you’re done. Intel® NUC barebones kits and boards are powerful mini PCs for projects of every scale, from custom-tuned gaming machines to industrial applications. Intel® NUC Kits and Boards ship without an operating system in a range of chassis, form factors, and configurations.

What is an Intel NUC mini PC?

Intel® NUC Mini PCs squeeze a powerful processor, fast memory, and massive storage comparable to the latest full-size desktop PCs into the smallest form factors we can engineer.

What is the best Barebones PC to buy?

An alternative is a great barebones PC, like the incredible Intel Skull Canyon NUC, where you get some of the parts and a tiny little box, with the freedom to fill the rest of it how you wish. Our Pick: Intel Skull Canyon NUC. For gamers: Corsair Bulldog.

What is Intel\’s NUC 9 extreme?

Intel is one of the biggest pioneers of the barebones PC, and the NUC 9 Extreme pushes the idea of a small, easy-to-build PC into new territory. It\’s based around the NUC Compute Element, which itself looks a bit like a graphics card.

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