nest mini as pc speaker

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How do I connect my nest audio or nest mini to laptop?

Make sure your Nest Audio or Nest Mini and your laptop are connected to the same wifi network. Ensure you’ve set up your speaker according to Google’s instructions. Launch AirParrot on your computer.

Should you buy a nest audio speaker for Google Home?

If you use the Google Home app on your iPhone or Android phone to control smart home devices, then a Nest Audio is a natural choice.

Can I set nest as Windows default speaker?

Windows bluetooth control panel succesfully detects and pairs with Nest, and the Google Home App also connects with the Dell computer. But Windows won\’t show Nest between audio playback devices. Therefore, I can\’t set Nest as Windows default speaker. I tried everything: resetting Nest Mini, uninstalling Google Home and reconfiguring them all.

How does the nest mini work with Google Home Mini?

The Nest Mini offers the same voice functionality as the Home Mini, and all of Google’s other smart speakers. To wake it, you have to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” aloud, and the strip of LEDs in the middle of the Nest Mini indicates that you have its attention.

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