neo geo mini controller on pc

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How many controllers do I need for Neo Geo mini?

Two Neo Geo controllers have also been developed exclusively for the Mini, colored black and white, which can be plugged into the sides of the unit into the USB-C ports. At least one controller is required to play games in 2-Player mode.

How to play with NEOGEO X controller?

Pair the NeoGeo X controller with MAME or any dedicated Neo emulator and you will swear you are playing on the original system.

How to play Neo Geo games on PC?

Now, you will have to download and install the latest version of any emulator on your system to play Neo Geo games. The best thing about NeoGeo emulator is you can play the game even on the operating systems like PC and Xbox. Now if you are going to get a Neo Geo emulator for your operating system, you can easily get one.

What is the best NeoGeo emulator for Windows?

NeoRageX – NeoGeo Emulator for Windows and Ms-DOS This emulator is available on Windows and Ms-DOS. It is very fast and supports almost every Neo Geo game. The best thing about this emulator is its working. This emulator works in an easy way and allows you to play games without any problems.

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