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Can I use Zwift without a Windows PC?

For now, the fact that the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have graphics capabilities equal to last year’s iPad Pro means a whole new segment of device owners have an option to use Zwift without needing a Windows PC or an Apple product. There is no ANT+ support yet.

What is the best PC for Zwift?

This combination means the Intel Core i3-9100F is a perfect option. It’s laughably cheap and should do the job nicely if Zwift is all you’ll be doing. If you also want to stream, multitask, encode video or use the PC for other things, a step up to the six-core i5-9400F is a good idea.

Can I build a Zwift PC for under £400?

This guide is aimed at people who want to use their PC solely or mainly for Zwift and want great results without wasting money unnecessarily. At current UK prices, it’s easy to build a fantastic Zwift PC for under £400.

Can I play Zwift on a normal TV or monitor?

With a normal TV or monitor, you are stuck with two options for Zwift: Vsync on: brilliantly smooth when your computer can maintain 60fps*, but causes stuttering and drops to 30fps** when it cannot. Vsync off: your computer just outputs whatever it can, causing screen tearing at everything other than exactly 60fps*.

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