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Is Xiaomi ningmei Cube a mini-PC?

-The metal body Xiaomi Ningmei Cube, a new Xiaomi ecosystem product, is a true mini-PC. Xiaomi Ningmei Cube is extraordinarily portable and small. For instance, it comes in the size of a Rubik’s cube or with the dimensions of 62 x 62 x 42mm, and it weighs only 145g.

What is Xiaomi Mi PC Suite free?

Xiaomi PC Suite is specified for MIUI users to manage Androids gaining features. Click the below button to download Mi PC Suite free to replace the Google\’s Android-based stock and aftermarket firmware. Mi_Setup2.2.0.7032_2717Mi_PC_Suite_v3.2.1.3111Mi_PC_Suite_v3.0Mi_PC_Suite v2.2.0 Highlighted Features

How to connect your Xiaomi device to your computer?

Step 1: Download and install the program on the PC Step 2: Connect the device once the installation is done. And since the Xiaomi computer Suite automatically install required drivers you can easily make the connection with the device

What are the advantages of Xiaomi PC Suite English version?

Screencast the mobile on the computer while taking screenshots on mobile aspects using the Windows PC is another advantage. Xiaomi PC Suite English Version You are able to backup and restore photos, music, videos, contacts and other necessary files that stored in your device storage with the most recent version.

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