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What is a mini PC?

Mini PCs leverage the small, energy-efficient components from laptops to provide you with a surprising among of power in sizes that can be hidden behind a monitor. With mini PCs made for everything from media streaming to gaming and VR, there are mini stick PCs and mini desktops for almost everyone.

What is the Best Mini PC to buy?

What are the best mini PCs? The best mini PC overall is the Apple Mac mini, the late 2020 version of Apple\’s compact desktop computer. As one of the first Macs outfitted with Apple\’s M1 processor, it offers a lot of power at a more affordable price than ever before.

How much does an Intel NUC mini PC cost?

Optimized and tuned by Intel, you have peace of mind with a 3-year warranty and world-class Intel customer support. Selected devices are eligible for FREE upgrade to Windows 11 (when available) 1. Intel® NUC Mini PCs with Windows 10 are fully complete and ready to work out of the box. From $1,259

How much memory do you need in a mini PC?

With more mini desktops on the market than ever before, it’s easier to find the best mini PC for you. The number of gigabytes of memory you’ll need in your mini PC depends on what types of work you’ll be doing. You can choose anywhere from 2GB to 64GB of memory on either a Mac mini or one that uses Windows software.

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