mini pc pb60

ASUS Mini PC PB60 是一款轻巧、强劲的迷你电脑,适用于各种商业应用环境,包括办公处理、会议室、零售商店和数位看板。可选配英特尔® 酷睿™ T 系列或奔腾® 处理器,其机身尺寸约为175 x175 x34.2 mm,仅占约 1 升容量,Mini

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Is the Asus pb60 a good choice for your business?

The Asus PB60 is a superb example of how powerful and versatile mini PCs can be. There are some niggles and odd choices here, but overall, this machine has to be on the shortlist of any business looking for a compact PC. The Asus PB60 is a superb example of how powerful and versatile mini PCs can be.

What kind of processor does the pb60 have?

The PB60 is built around an Intel Core i7-8700T CPU which is an interesting piece of kit, and one of five Intel processors that fall within the Coffee Lake-based 8700 family. The T model has the lowest TDP (35W) thanks to slower processor base and turbo clock speeds (2.4GHz and 4GHz respectively).

Is the HP Prodesk 400 G4 mini a pb60 alternative?

The HP ProDesk 400 G4 mini is the closest thing to the PB60 in HP’s portfolio. On sale at just under £795 in the UK, it doubles the on-board SSD storage, but cuts the number of ports available, although you get a wealth of HP business management software.

Why does my pb60 have blue dots on my screen?

We encountered one snag in our testing, namely that the HDMI port of the PB60 suffered from some random hardware issues, sometimes producing a picture with odd blue dots, and at other times, displaying sliced images. We tried swapping cables but that didn’t help, and the monitor was not the culprit. Switching to the DisplayPort solved the issue.

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