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What is the Best Mini PC for You?

Slimbook ONE v2 ONE is a compact Linux-based mini PC that packs in a lot of power with an 8th gen Intel processor. With M.2 SSD storage support up to 500 GB and the option to crank up the HDD storage to 2 TB, this should be a great mini PC. It can be coupled with up to 16 GB of RAM and is 4K-ready, with an HDMI port available as well.

What is a MiniMini PC?

Mini PCs are all small, but within the category, there are a range of options, from stick PCs small enough to slip in your pocket to desktop towers that are still compact enough to stow out of sight.

What do you get with a mini PC with Ubuntu?

It can come pre-installed with Elementary OS, Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 19.04. It offers an Intel 8th gen processor coupled with up to 16 GB of RAM. Also, you get support for up to 1 TB of SSD storage (M.2/SATA), and an SD card slot. This mini PC starts at 403 Pounds.

Will mini PCs take over from desktop computers?

Mini PCs, in my opinion, will take over from traditional desktop computers in the near future. A traditional desktop has a bulky CPU that takes a lot of space with its fan running like a blower. Mini PCs, on the other hand, are tiny and compact. Barely 4″ or 5″ in size, they can be easily placed on a table.

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