mini pc i7 windows 10

The processors of these mini pc i7 windows 10. are designed to enhance the speed of programs and software. These products\’ bursts and base frequency are faster to meet customers\’ various needs and healthier usage experience. These products have large storage and offer room for expansion; hence a customer can run and save large files comfortably.

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Is there a mini PC with i7 i7 8565u?

Palm-sized Mini PC Intel Core i7-8565U Item NO.: M2-i7-8565U Item NO. Most traditional large desktop consoles have an old-fashioned shape that can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.

What are the specifications of strhigp upgraded mini PC?

【CPU Core i7-8565U & Windows 10 Pro】 STRHIGP upgraded mini pc is powered with Core i7-8565U processor (4 core, up to 4.6 GHz, 8Mb Cache).According to official data, the performance of the 8th gen Core CPU has increased by 40% compared to the 7th gen Core CPU which can give you a faster user experience.

How much RAM and SSD does the mini computer have?

【Upgradable Storage & M. 2 SSD】The mini computer is installed dual channel DDR4 RAM (2 accessible memory slots upgradable to 64 GB)for multitasking adequate to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once. M.

Does the mini desktop computer support 4K dual-screen display?

【4K Dual Display & Collaborative Office】The mini desktop computer supports 4K dual-screen display. Left-right collaboration is one of the biggest advantages of dual screens. You can use dual screens to easily complete a variety of tasks such as writing design data analysis.

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