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What makes a good mini PC for servers?

Of special note for mini PCs used for servers, however, is Intel’s new Optane memory options. Much more advanced than the virtual RAM you’re used to from a computer, Optane aims to truly bridge the gap between memory and storage, allowing for faster file retrieval from Optane-compatible SSD storage systems.

What is a mini PC used for?

Some are used embedded in vehicles or industrial machinery to provide data or control functions, others may be used as small desktops, digital signage control units, or even gaming systems. With the right configurations, however, they can be a great mini PC for server use in the home or office.

What is a home server and why do you need one?

Most people use a home server to play media files on their TV or use it as a central storage device for all household members. The advantage of centrally storing your files is that everyone in the household can access them.

What is the best device to run a home server on?

Another popular choice for a home server is a Synology NAS. Although they are basically a NAS, network-attached storage device, they also great devices to run your home server on. There is a big community behind Synology with a lot of cool and useful apps that you can easily install on your Synology.

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