mini pc for home theater

HTPC, short for home theater PC, is a personal computer that is used to store and play music and movies as well as display photos. Also called Mini PC, media center PC and living room PC, HTPC is usually installed in the A/V cabinet and connected to a stereo or home theater system, building PC cinemas for you. 2.
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What is the Best Mini PC for home theater?

If you’re looking for an absolute top of the line home theater PC in terms of performance, the Intel NUC 8 Performance-G Mini PC is the go-to.

What is a home theater PC?

A home theater PC (HTPC) is a computer connected to your stereo, TV, and smart home devices. With an HTPC, you can bring all of your digital life—photos, music, movies, streaming services, smart doorbells, and home assistants—together in a single experience.

Should you buy a Mac mini for home theater?

Thankfully, the Mac mini has a decent amount of storage, great for those who might be using it as a home theater PC to store your media on rather than as a streaming machine.

Will this tiny computer fit in my home theater setup?

This tiny computer is small enough to slide into just about any home theater setup, either alongside or on top of your other components, and the sleek, space-gray case is unlikely to clash with the rest of your gear.

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