mini pc dual hdmi

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How much RAM does a mini PC have?

This mini PC has power of a full desktop yet small in size. It has SSD, which gives it the speed. 256GB capacity with Intel Celeron processor and 8GB Ram. Windows 10 Pro that comes pre installed takes only 7 secs to boot the pc, which is faster than my i5 laptop.

Why choose mini PC (4 x HDMI) for digital signage?

mini pc (4 x Hdmi) is specially designed for Digital Signage customer. With its 4 x Hdmi Ports, project customer can display up to 4 independant monitors. Its rugged and compact design makes it very flexible for applying to different applications including digital signage, KIOSK, POS, and advertising display.

How many screens can the de6140 mini PC handle?

Digital Engine® DE6140 Digital Siganage Mini-PC (4 x Hdmi) comes equipped with AMD\’s Embedded R-series APU Dual/Quad core TDP 35W CPUs to process high quality videos and images for digital signage applications. With the integrated 4 x HDMI ports, the DE6140 can be configured for up to four screens.

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