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What is acepc T11?

[Fanless Mini PC] ACEPC T11 is a portable fanless computer,noise-free, excellent heat dissipation, low power consumption and energy-saving. Don’t have to worry about it getting warm and overheat.

What does the acepc packaging look like?

The packaging stands out for its predominance of black and blue. In the front we will find an aerial image of ACEPC, along with some features. Both the left and right side is for the name of the product and in the back we will find the rest of the specifications.

Why choose AEPC?

Today anyone can use a computer for the needs they need, in this case AEPC allows users to enjoy a computer for office automation and multimedia use at a very affordable price, allowing it to be very affordable to everyone. In addition, being compact allows it to be carried anywhere and even placed behind the monitor / television.

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