mini fridge pc case

The case and the inspiration for the project, the mid tower mini fridge! Next I had to decide weather to use a compressor based refrigerant system or maybe a …

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    What is a MiniMini refrigerator?

    Mini fridges are small but powerful. While they may not have the same storage capabilities or settings as your primary refrigerator, you’ll love the versatility and function that a mini refrigerator brings to your home or office.

    Can you put a mini fridge in a small garage?

    In a larger home, place a mini fridge in a game room or bar area, so you don’t have to run to the larger fridge every time you want a snack or beverage. The size of a mini fridge makes it a great fit for tight or awkward corners in your garage as well.

    Should you buy a mini fridge for Your Home Office?

    You can find counter-depth mini fridge models that appear to be built right into your bar or your work bench. Once you stock up on office furniture for your home office or exercise equipment for your home gym, don’t forget to outfit them with a mini fridge. You’ll love having beverages nearby while you work or right after you complete that workout.

    How do I choose the right size mini fridge?

    Choosing the Right Size. Before you choose a mini fridge, you\’ll need to decide how much food and how many beverages you\’ll need to store inside. Compact refrigerators range in size from less than one cubic foot to as sizeable as a small refrigerator at five cubic feet or larger. The size of the items you want to store also matters.

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