mini atx gaming pc build

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How much does a Mini-ITX PC cost?

1. Quick-Look: Three Solid Mini-ITX PC Builds 2. Affordable $500 Mini PC Build 3. Mid-Range $700 Mini Gaming PC 4. Powerful $1,000 Mini PC for High-End Gaming 5. More PC Build Options

What is the difference between micro ATX and Mini ATX?

ATX is the largest, followed by micro ATX, which is a bit small, and the mini-ITX being the smallest in size. So, for better understanding, the ATX case is compatible with both micro ATX and mini ITX because both of them have smaller motherboards so they would easily fit inside the ATX.

Is there a $500 mini gaming PC build?

An Affordable $500 Mini Gaming PC. This $500 gaming PC build comes in a compact mini-ITX cube-style case, the Thermaltake Core V1. The Core V1 is one of the most affordable mini-ITX form-factor cases currently on the market.

What is the best small ATX motherboard case?

The MasterCase H500P is one of the best small ATX cases that you will find in the market. The design supports micro ATX, Mini-ITX, and ATX motherboard. You will certainly fall in love with the appearance of this case. It has a radical and arduous build, which makes it unique.

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