mii mini pc

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What is the Intel Mii mini PC?

Meet the Mii Mini PC, a $220 thin client (or next unit of computing as Intel loves to call them) that looks like dozens of other Android and Windows TV boxes – but don’t let its boring design fool you, as in actual fact, it’s a far more capable device. Where to buy?

Is the Mii PC worth it?

The Mii PC has everything going for it. That includes an impressive price, Windows 10 Pro, decent connection options, two HDMI ports, four USB 3.0 ports, a fast SSD and plenty of system memory.

What is aoxun Mii mini PC?

Aoxun MII Mini PC combines superior integrated Graphics performance with precision design and our power management technology to create speakers which put your office operation and home application first.

How much does Windows 10 Pro cost on a mini PC?

To our knowledge, no mini PC in this price range offers Windows 10 Pro as standard. The OEM version is currently on sale for about $175, which leads us to believe that Mii must have managed to strike an exceptionally good deal with Microsoft.

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