mac mini vs pc build

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Is the Mac mini a viable option for gaming?

The convergence of the Apple OS ecosystem makes the Mac Mini a serious option though, something that a custom gaming PC won\’t be able to truly offer, unless you can figure out a way to install Big Sur on an Intel chip gaming PC. Even then, there\’s a reason why Apple is moving to SoC.

Is a Mac mini better than a Windows 10 PC?

Apple’s Mac Mini packs some great features and sports a compact, modern chassis design. However, a Windows 10 PC still offers better value for money in terms of hardware and performance, even with the cost of the operating system factored into the comparison.

How much does it cost to build a Mac mini?

This device boasts a 256GB SSD, hexa-core processor, and 8GB of RAM – priced at $1,099. For the price of the Mac Mini listed above, you can build a pretty impressive gaming PC – or a powerhouse professional workstation. We put together a simple build list for a PC which is priced similarly to the Mac Mini below.

Is Apple’s 2020 Mac mini the new mini PC?

With new 2020 Mac Mini however, Apple has incorporated the Apple M1 chip. It has 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores. Leaving the rivals in the dust. But if you still have to get mini PC, we explore 5 rival mini PC options to go against the Apple Mac Mini So what are we up against?

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