intel mini pc model g2

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What is an Intel NUC mini PC?

Intel® NUC Mini PCs squeeze a powerful processor, fast memory, and massive storage comparable to the latest full-size desktop PCs into the smallest form factors we can engineer.

What drivers are installed for Intel® NUC products?

Description: Installs the DCH-compliant Thunderbolt™ bus driver for the Intel® NUC products using Windows® 10. View download options. Description: Installs Intel® Serial IO Driver for Intel® NUC 11 Gen. View download options. Description: Installs the Intel® GNA Scoring Accelerator Driver for Intel® NUC products. View download options.

How much memory does an Intel graphics card have?

Specification Description RAMDAC N/A Memory Intel graphics do not have dedicated mem … Maximum graphics memory Windows 7: Up to 1.7 GB Windows 8.1: Up … Maximum color depth 32 bits/pixel 5 more rows …

What is Intel® NUC rugged?

Intel® NUC Rugged is ready for work in tough environments and IoT applications. Drop an Intel® NUC Rugged anywhere you need computing power and intelligence or embed Intel® NUC Boards directly into your custom applications.

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