hp mini notebook pc

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Which is the best HP Mini LapTop?

The best HP mini laptops. 1 1. HP Chromebook 11-inch notebook PC. With great local hardware and a sleek build, the HP Chromebook – 11-v010nr starts our list on a budget-friendly … 2 2. HP Stream 11 Pro G5 notebook PC. 3 3. HP ProBook x360 11 G4 EE notebook PC.

What is a mini laptop?

What is a mini laptop? A mini laptop will typically weigh around 3 lbs and measure less than 12 inches diagonally by less than 1-inch thick. The attributes can vary a bit depending on how you ultimately configure your own device, but you can look to these as guidelines as you shop.

What is a truly small laptop?

Truly small laptops – also known as mini laptops – offer a level of portability that goes above and beyond what you can experience from their bulkier cousins. Whether you need a laptop for travel, the classroom, or somewhere else entirely, these devices are only getting better with each new iteration.

What is an HP Chromebook?

Developed in partnership with Google, the HP Chromebook line is a complete family of notebooks running the web-optimized Chrome OS. It’s built on the cloud, and the basic interface will be familiar to anyone who uses Google’s Chrome Browser.

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