google home mini as bluetooth speaker for pc

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How to pairing Google Home Mini with Microsoft Office speaker?

How to pair your Google Home Mini with your laptop. STEP 1. Go to Google Home and find the Google device you wish to pair with your desktop. STEP 2. Now go to Paired Bluetooth devices and tap on Enable Pairing Mode. STEP 3. After it is turned on, tap on Ready to pair > Connect to Office Speaker. STEP 4.

What do you need for Google Home mini bluetooth speaker?

Besides the Google Home Mini, you will need another device that will serve as a mediator and enable the Bluetooth speaker function of this smart home device. You can use any device that can run the Google Home app for Android, or any compatible iOS device that can run the iOS version of the app.

How do I connect Google Home Mini to my Device?

However, only one of the devices will be able to control your speaker at a time. Alternatively, you can use the Bluetooth settings on your device to enable pairing with Google Home Mini. Go to Settings, then choose Bluetooth settings, and move the slider to the right to enable pairing.

How to connect Google Home speaker to Windows 10?

First, go to Google Home, find the Google Home speaker you want to pair it with your desktop. Next, go find “Paired Bluetooth devices“, tap “Enable Pairing Mode” at the bottom of the screen. Once it turned to “Ready to pair.

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