fanless rugged mini pc

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What is a fanless mini PC?

A fanless mini PC is the perfect solution for a dusty & dirty environment. Fanless design Protects the internal components and improves overall reliability. Small, sleek, and ready to be customized, the iPC R2 fanless industrial pc was designed to adapt to your needs.

What is a rugged mini PC?

Built with industrial grade components and independently tested to withstand the harshest environments, our rugged mini PCs were engineered specifically for industrial applications. These rugged computers are IEC60068 certified for shock and vibration, can be configured for din rail and rack mounting, and are highly customizable.

Are all rugged computers the same?

But not all rugged computers are alike. Some are simply designed to be small and out of the way, while others use industrial grade components, fanless designs, and are IEC60068 certified for shock and vibration. Cybernet\’s iPC series are true industrial grade computers designed for reliability in the harshest environments.

Why choose a fanless industrial PC?

With its small footprint, it can easily be placed out of the way as a control unit for various machinery. This fanless industrial pc comes with an extra layer of security built-in. Two locking and removable drive bays allow you to remove either hard drive when the unit isn\’t used and store it in a secure location.

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