fanless pc case mini itx

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What is the best fanless aluminum PC case?

Check out HDPLEX, the leading provider of high quality fanless aluminum pc case which is completely silent, minimalism designed, support latest Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen CPU upto 95W TDP. HDPLEX also manufactures fanless,highly efficient, and fully internal Nano ATX power supplies for HDPLEX fanless PC case as well as small form factor PC.

Are Mini-ITX cases good for gaming?

The best Mini-ITX cases are for small-form, but big-idea PC building. They are cute, efficient, and pack in deceptively large amounts of power. A mini-ITX case might also help maximize your desk space, while keeping your precious gaming desktop off the dusty ground.

How much does a fanless PC chassis cost?

Fanless PC Chassis HDPLEX H5 Fanless Chassis As low as$398.00 HDPLEX H1 V3 Fanless Chassis HDPLEX H1.TODD Fanless Chassis

Which NUC case supports PCIe expansion card?

This is the first NUC case in the market which supports PCIE expansion card. H1 V3 with HDPLEX Fanless NUC kit supports internal 80W ACDC and 200W ACDC for NUC board. HDPLEX Fanless NUC kit I/O panel has a second 5.5/2.5mm hole to route the DC back into the NUC board DC jack.

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