digital storm mini pc

\”Digital Storm has avoided the pitfalls of other prebuilt PCs.\” \”The Aventum 3 is an ostentatious showpiece of modern PC hardware.\” \”Runs really well with all graphics settings at max\”

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Why choose Digital Storm gaming computers?

Along the way, they have grown into a premier boutique PC builder in a highly competitive market that regularly produces some of the fastest gaming computers on the market out of a desire to give customers an experience that is unmatched by the competition. Today, I take a look at the first Digital Storm gaming PC to cross my desk.

What is Digital Storm support?

Digital Storm provides lifetime access to our U.S. based support team that will resolve any computer technical issues quickly.

What is Digital Storm’s Project Spark?

Digital Storm revealed a new miniature gaming desktop PC dubbed as Project Spark during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s based on the Micro STX platform, meaning it only measures a mere 12 inches in height.

Is Digital Storm a Dell or HP company?

in Other. A big thank you to Digital Storm for providing the Lynx system for review. Digital Storm may not have the market presence of Dell or HP, but having been in business since 2002, they are not a newcomer by any means.

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