custom mini pc case

The SLM1 4L model is the most compact option for building a mini PC. The case is completely made of aluminum. It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Power supply of components from an external power supply unit …

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Are Mini-ITX cases good for gaming?

The best Mini-ITX cases are for small-form, but big-idea PC building. They are cute, efficient, and pack in deceptively large amounts of power. A mini-ITX case might also help maximize your desk space, while keeping your precious gaming desktop off the dusty ground.

What is the smallest PC case size for a graphics card?

Coming in at just 7.2L volume, this is one of the smallest PC cases that can house a discrete full size graphics card, of up to 295mm in length and 2-slot in width. CPU coolers are compatible of up to 48mm, with the Noctua NH-L9i being the SFF builders community cooler of choice.

What is a Mini ITX case?

This mini ITX case opts for airflow that ventilates out the top and either pulls in through the rear or from below, leaving the front and sides for glass panels to let your internal components shine.

How to choose the right PC case for your needs?

A PC case with good accessibility is important in making the PC build as easy and stress free as possible. For example, mATXs with easy access to the rear or the motherboard, or even just screwless design panels will make life far simpler when it comes to building the m-ATX PC.

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