connect soundlink mini to pc

Go to your PC and make sure the Bluetooth setting is enabled. Select “Bose Mini SoundLink” on the discoverable device list. Pairing is successful once the connection has been confirmed on your PC.
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How do I connect my SoundLink Mini to my phone?

The SoundLink Mini manual has full instructions on pairing, but here’s the gist: Turn on both the speaker and the device you want to pair with. Press the Bluetooth button on the top of the speaker to enter pairing mode. The light above the Bluetooth button will begin blinking blue.

How do I connect my Bose SoundLink to my laptop?

How to Connect the Bose SoundLink Speaker to Your Device 1 Turn on Bluetooth on the Bose Speaker. Your first step will be finding the Bluetooth button. … 2 Configuring your Laptop. Now it’s time to do the same for your laptop. … 3 Pairing Your Bose Speaker with the Laptop. … 4 Double-Check whether Your Speaker is Working Properly. …

How do I charge my Bose SoundLink Mini?

Either connect your Bose Soundlink Mini to the AC adapter that came with your device, or put it on it\’s charging cradle to charge the battery. 2. Press the Power button on the Bose Soundlink Mini. It\’s the button that has an icon of a circle with a vertical line going through the top.

How do I reset the SoundLink Mini to factory settings?

To reset the SoundLink Mini, follow these three steps: Press and hold the mute button for 10 seconds until the LEDs on the top of the speaker flash. Let go of the mute button. Press the power button to turn the speaker back on. After resetting the speaker, try pairing your device again.

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