chamsys pc mini wing

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What software do I need to install on my PC wing compacts?

PC Wing Compacts require MagicQ software version or above. For all other products the drivers are in C:\\Program Files (x86) \\ChamSys Ltd\\Magicq\\MagicQ Wing Drivers\\FTDI\\chamsys.inf

What is the magicq Mini wing?

The MagicQ Mini Wing is a lightweight and portable USB control wing, that allows the user to have physical playback control over their show. The Mini Wing is compatible with Windows, OSX or Linux computers, coupled with the powerful MagicQ software.

What is magicq PC wing compact?

The MagicQ PC software runs on Windows, Linux or OSX. The powerful MagicQ PC Wing Compact is small enough to be carried in hand luggage and offers numerous functions. It has 2 built-in DMX512 outputs and can output up to 64 universes (via Ethernet) without the need for additional licenses or dongles.

How do I update the driver for a chamsys or magicq device?

It may be listed as a ChamSys or MagicQ device or just as a FTDI device. If you can not find it then try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable to the device – the listing should update and indicate to you which device is being plugged/unplugged. When you have identified the device then right click and press Update Driver.

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