build your own mini gaming pc

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How to build your own gaming PC?

Build your own gaming pc using Easy PC Builder by iBUYPOWER®. Select your favorite pc games, choose your CPU, adjust your budget, and build your dream Gaming PC!

Is it hard to build a mini gaming PC?

Putting together a pretty list of parts for our ultimate mini gaming PC is one thing, but building it is a little more difficult. We’re going to quickly go over some of the things you’ll have to prepare yourself for an ambitious build such as this and tips on how manage it for yourself.

Is there a $500 mini gaming PC build?

An Affordable $500 Mini Gaming PC. This $500 gaming PC build comes in a compact mini-ITX cube-style case, the Thermaltake Core V1. The Core V1 is one of the most affordable mini-ITX form-factor cases currently on the market.

What do you need for a mini PC build?

For a mini PC build, component choice is absolutely the most important thing. We’ve picked three different kinds of machine, from a tiny GPU-less Raven Ridge machine, to a pint-sized all-rounder GTX 1660 Ti rig, all the way up to a 24-thread mini-monster with an RTX 2080 Super.

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