best mini pc for plex media server

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What is the best device to use as a Plex server?

The Best Devices to Use as a Plex Media Server. 1 1. Laptops. Q&A: Repurpose Old laptops as Plex servers? 2 2. Desktops. 3 3. Mini PCs. 4 4. Android TV. 5 5. Raspberry Pi. More items

Can I run Plex on a laptop?

You could feasibly run the Plex Media Server app on a laptop, desktop, mini PC, Android TV device, Raspberry Pi, network-attached storage drive, or any other device on which you can install Linux. Let\’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each of those devices in more detail. 1. Laptops

Where can I download Plex Media Server for free?

Plex Media Server is available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS drives, and Docker. There\’s also a unique Android TV version. Plex Media Player is available on everything from Amazon Alexa to Oculus Go.

How many devices do I need to set up a Plex server?

To get the system up and running, you need to designate at least one of your devices as the server. But what are the best devices to use as a Plex media server?

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