beelink x45 mini pc review

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What is beelink Gemini X45 premium?

In July 2018, the Chinese manufacturer of mini-PCs and TB boxes Beelink introduced its new compact device called Beelink Gemini X45 Premium. Mini PC is characterized by a relatively low price and a powerful processor Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4105.

How much RAM does the beelink X45 come with?

A key point to note is the Beelink X45 comes with 64GB eMMC with pre-installed Windows 10 Home together with 4GB DDR4 RAM (soldered and is non-expandable) with space and connectors for both an mSATA and SSD.

Does beelink Gemini J45 work with Ubuntu 18 04?

[ Update December 14, 2019: We’ve now found out that Ubuntu 18.04 can work fine on Beelink J45, but the Realtek Ethernet driver needs to be manually installed] Beelink has added a new mini PC to their ‘Gemini’ range ( X45 and X55) namely the Beelink J45 (aka Beelink Gemini J45).

Is beelink gk55 a good computer?

Beelink GK55: a small, simple, dedicated office PC This small PC with a quad-core processor has everything to seduce office suite users. Its multi-core processor first of course, which will allow you to have several applications open without the computer having to row.

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