beelink gemini x55 ultimate mini pc review

Beelink X55 Review – An Intel Gemini Lake mini PC Tested with Windows 10 and Linux The Beelink X55 is very similar in style to Intel’s NUC7PJYH NUC reviewed earlier except that it is not a kit but a fully functional Windows mini PC.
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How powerful is the beelink Gemini X55?

The new mini PC Beelink Gemini X55 is one of the most powerful mini PC with more RAM of the Beelink Gemini X family that stands out for its measures of only 115 x 102 x 43 mm account.

What is the difference between beelink U55 and X55?

Beelink U55 is equipped with stable Intel core i3-U5005 processor, 2.0GHz 3M Cache;Intel HD Graphics 550.Support Win10,and 8GB running memory. On other side, Beelink X55 comes with Intel GEMINI LAKE Pentium Silver Processor J5005 4 Cores 4 Threads 1.5 UP TO 2.8Ghz Cache 4M,Intel HD Graphics 605, up to 800MHz.

What kind of processor does the Gemini X55 have?

The brain of this Mini PC is the Intel Pentium J5005 processor based on the Gemini Lake design (likely the inspiration for the product’s name of “Gemini X55”). The CPU, the “brain” of a computer, is an important piece to gauge performance.

Is the beelink U57 mini PC worth it?

The Beelink U57 Mini PC underscored what I originally liked about the Gemini X55: great design, build quality, and compact size for significantly less cost than what I could procure the parts for on my own.

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