beelink bt3pro ii mini pc computer

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How much RAM does the beelink BT3 Pro II have?

Regarding the RAM memory of the Beelink BT3 Pro II, it incorporates a total of 4GB of non-expandable DDR3L RAM, but it will be enough for a basic use of the mini PC, logically this computer is a small PC and not a computer that executes heavy tasks like editing of video etc.

Are beelink mini PCs worth it?

Beelink is the little brand that intends to make waves in the Mini PC world. Indeed, with small and nice configurations, and especially very aggressive prices, it is gradually creating a nice brand image. But what are Beelink mini PCs really worth?

What operating system does the beelink GT King run?

The Beelink GT King runs Android 9.0 Pie, an operating system with a simple and intuitive interface and enough features to please those who want to equip their TV with smart features to make it a true Smart TV.

What is beelink technology?

Shenzhen Beelink Technology Co.,Ltd.(深圳市安卓微科技有限公司)was established in 2010 in Futian,Shenzhen,China. It specializes in product definition,research and development,production of home entertainment equipment and productivity tools (DONGLE,BOX,remote control,game console,home cloud,all-in-one,MINI PC),Sales.

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