barbone mini pc

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What are the best small barebones computers?

Intel continues to push the boundaries with its small barebones PCs and still sets the standard for everyone else to chase. The ASUS PN51 is a fantastic mini PC, but the company also offers it as a barebones kit, as the PN50.

Is it worth buying a barebones PC?

The end result is the same, a superb, small form factor PC, but buying it in barebones form can save you some upfront costs and give you more flexibility to tailor it to your needs.

Which is the Best Mini PC for You?

ASUS offers its mini PC in barebones form as well for a bit more flexibility, and what a machine it is. Zotac, along with Intel, is one of the original brands to push mini PCs into the mainstream. The Zbox line lives on and if you\’re in the market for a budget barebones PC then the CI329 is for you.

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