asus rog mini gaming pc

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Is the Rog G20 a good gaming computer?

A one-stop gaming and entertainment system, the ROG G20 is set to dominate the field of small-form-factor gaming desktops. Its 12.5-liter case packs a punch, housing a 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX780 graphics card to give you the power for HD gaming and multimedia entertainment.

Is the new Rog Gr8 II the ultimate gaming laptop?

The new ROG GR8 II is the ultimate solution for this environment and for gamers who want a sleek, compact form factor with more power and infinitely greater flexibility than consoles. Brand new for 2017, the GR8 II has a volume of just four liters, so it’s about the size of a gaming console.

Is Rog making a 300hz laptop?

ROG reveals the first 300Hz gaming laptops at IFA Berlin 2019 We\’re showing off the first notebooks with blistering 300Hz displays at IFA Berlin 2019. ROG laptops aren\’t just for the climb to the winner\’s circle—they can elevate your creations to the apex of your craft.

What is the best gaming PC for home use?

ROG has packed a high-performance gaming PC into a sleek, compact console that you’ll enjoy in your bedroom, study, living-room or take to LAN parties. Now you can play your favorite PC games everywhere — easily and in high style! Upright or on its side, ROG GR8 is primed to perform.

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