asus mini pc pn40 review

When I think about PCs, I think about them in 2 form factors.. A laptop for portability and a performance rig for gaming. The reality is, there\’s a whole other class of computing that is available for those with different needs. If you\’re someone who has a home office and needs a computer for basic PC needs like running office, checking email, browsing the web, then the …

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    Should I buy a pn40 monitor?

    The PN40 is also quite and low power, so when you need a PC to drive a larger monitor (or even multi-monitor) experience, then this is a great solution to the problem. Sometimes in business situations, you need a PC to powers displays for advertising, or increasingly business analytics, powered through platforms like PowerBI.

    Is the Asus pn50 mini PC a good option for casual users?

    For casual users and businesses there are some far more practical options available. The ASUS PN50 Mini PC is a tiny system but don’t let that fool you.

    How much RAM does the Lenovo pn40 have?

    The PN40 comes in a number of configurations, with the model I reviewed featuring an Intel Intel Celeron N4000 Processor running at 1.1Ghz. There’s just 4GB of DDR4 RAM inside, but that can be expanded up to 8GB.

    What are the dimensions of a pn50?

    Weighing less than 1kg, dimensions of 115 x 115 x 49 mm and a sleek black, brushed, aesthetic the PN50 will suit any home or office setup. As this is a barebones system it does not come supplied with any storage drives, RAM or even operating system.

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