asrock mini pc review

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Is the ASRock deskmini a mini STX?

ASRock\’s first mini-STX machine, the DeskMini, is the first mini-STX system to have full support for 65W CPUs along with a stock Intel cooler. The DeskMini is quite affordable – $130 gives the end user a chassis, H110 motherboard and a power adapter. ASRock is no stranger to mini-PCs.

How does the ASRock deskmini X300 compare to other mini PCs?

At first glance, Asrock\’s DeskMini X300 ($169.99) looks very similar to the company\’s other mini PCs, though the front panel has a bit more flair. On the inside, though, the X300 is something else entirely. Unlike Asrock\’s other compact desktops, the X300 is based on AMD technology and has completely different strengths and weaknesses.

Is ASRock good for lightweight desktops?

When it comes to that ideal of mine, ASRock has a place there too, providing those boards for that supercomputer, and now, with the Beebox, those lightweight desktops as well.

What processors are available at ASRock computers?

ASRock will offer models with Intel Core i3-1220P, Core i5-1240P, and Core i7-1260P processor options. It’s also possible we could see models with other processors in the future.

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