android mini pc remote

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Can an Android mini PC be used as a remote control?

But what’s new is the companion Remote app which you can install on another Android device to use it as a remote control for one of the mini PCs — as long as all your devices are connected to the same wireless network. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of software for an Android mini PC.

What is monect PC remote for Android?

Monect PC Remote 7.4.2 Monect PC Remote for Windows is the program that can be used to sync your PC to your Android to use the latter as a remote control for your computer

How do I connect the remote to a mini PC?

The remote is said to be driverless, so even though the specs says it only works with Windows, it should also work with Linux or other operating systems. You just need to connect the USB IR receiver into a USB port of your mini PC, and it should work.

What is controller-PC remote&GamePad?

The description of Controller – PC Remote & Gamepad. It is a PC Remote Controller to control PC remotely via Wi-fi. You will need to install PC Remote Controller Receiver in your PC. WARNING : Some Antivirus may flag it as Virus, but it is NOT, and you may need to explicitly allow the application. DON\’T download if you don\’t trust.

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