android mini pc digital signage

The Android Mini PC is capable of all but the most demanding digital signage applications. With integrated WiFi, USB power, and HDMI video – all you need is an HD television. No complicated wiring or mounting required.
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Is Android the future of digital signage?

Android is the present and future of the digital signage world. Android dongles, TV boxes, set-top boxes, smart TVs and tablets are getting cheaper and better. So is our digital signage software solution and Android application (which is free for download from Google Play market).

How to choose the best digital signage PC?

To ensure you’re getting an enhanced feature set for digital signage, choose an Intel® NUC Pro Mini PC, kit, or board. They are ideal for digital signage media players, digital signage PCs, and embedded PCs for kiosks and smart signage.

What is pickcel digital signage?

LaneSquare Technology Pvt Ltd is a software business formed in 2014 in India that publishes a software suite called Pickcel Digital Signage. Pickcel Digital Signage includes training via live online and in person sessions. The Pickcel Digital Signage product is Windows, Mac, Linux, SaaS, and Android software.

Why choose Intel NUC mini PCs for digital signage?

Intel® NUC Mini PCs are engineered, built, and backed by Intel for 24/7 commercial use. 1 And with a three-year product life cycle and three-year warranty, your digital signage is on a solid foundation. 2 3

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