android 4.0 mini pc mk802

  • 麻雀虽小,但五脏俱全,Android PC MK802在如此狭小的空间内内置了1GHz Cortex A8处理器、512MB内存和4GB存储空间,并且支持wifi上网和OTG功能…

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    What operating system does The MK802 $74 mini PC come with?

    The MK802 $74 mini PC ships with Google Android 4.0. It also ships with root access enabled, which means it’s possible to delete important system files or make other changes that could leave you with a less-than-useful operating system.

    Can I upgrade the firmware on The MK802 Android mini PC?

    Unfortunately, upgrading the firmware on the MK802 Android Mini PC is a little more complicated compared to an OTA upgrade but it is still much easier compared to replacing the OS on an Android phone with an unofficial OS.

    How do I connect my MK802 to my computer?

    Poke a paperclip in the other one to press down on a button and while you’re holding down that button connect your MK802 to your PC using a USB to mini USB cable.

    What kind of OS does the Android mini PC run?

    Click to Enlarge As its name implies, the Android 4.0 Mini PC runs a stock version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Its makers have not added any kind of skins or enhancements to Google\’s OS, but that\’s just fine with us.

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