250d mini itx pc case

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Why choose the HP 250D Mini ITX PC case?

It’s durable and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Many Mini ITX PC cases impose strict limitations that can make it difficult to build a well-cooled, high performance PC. The 250D has a highly efficient interior design that allows for a 5.25 inch optical drive, a full-length graphics card, and a full-size ATX power supply.

What is a Mini-ITX case and should you buy one?

Sometimes you just want a small PC, whether you\’re building a media PC for your living room or are just restricted on space and still want a desktop. That\’s where mini-ITX cases come in. Mini-ITX is the smallest PC motherboard size available with everything you need to build a capable rig, including a PCIe slot for a GPU.

What is a Mini-ITX motherboard?

Mini-ITX motherboards allow system builders to make every millimeter count in more compact cases like the NZXT H210i, with support for the latest processors and even some rather larger GPUs. If you\’re looking for something a little different, here are our best PC cases collection for a Mini-ITX build.

Can a Mini-ITX case hold a full-size GPU?

The truth is the best mini-ITX cases, like the ones listed here, can accommodate most full-size graphics cards and high-end CPUs. If you plan to pick up an an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, or one of AMD\’s RX 6000-series cards, just double check the size before you buy, just to be on the safe side.

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