z83 v mini pc

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What kind of processor does z83v mini PC have?

Z83V MINI PC is powered by the quad-core 64-bit Intel Atom X5-Z8350 Processor at 1.44Ghz with a turbo frequency of 1.92Ghz. The CPU features the latest 14nm manufacturing process and Gen8 Intel HD Graphics. Z83V MINI PC is pre-installed with licensed Windows 10 home, so that our users are able to enjoy the advanced functions of Windows OS directly.

Does the Intel z8350 work with Windows 10 home?

Z83-V Intel Z8350 Windows 10 Home 2018-01-15 09, 51, 47 Hi all, the mini pc worked ok straight out of the box, however the Windows version was a fairly old one, when it came to updating via widows update, it downloaded the first update which took a long time to do, the next update failed several times, even leaving the machine on all night.

Does the z83 support 64bit operating systems?

One of the troublesome things about the Z83 machines is that while it supports 64bit Operating Systems, it uses 32bit UEFI. This is problematic because 64bit OSes usually don’t support 32bit UEFI out-of-the-box.

What is the size of the Intel z83-v driver file?

INTEL Z83-V DRIVER INFO: Type: Driver File Name: intel_z83_7199.zip File Size: 3.8 MB Rating: 4.71 (347) Downloads: 255 3 more rows …

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