wintel pro mini pc factory reset

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Does the Wintel have a bootable USB port?

The wintel has only 2 usb Ports and one microSd , and an firewire port. it has boot secure option that i have tried setting of and on. it has an boot legacy / uefi unit first / last – tried that.

How to backup Wintel W8 pro to external drive?

Select Boot menu on Bios Wintel W8 Pro 4. Select your usb drive and enter 6. Select Backup and select all in local linux partition disk 7. Select the destination External Disk, create a folder and name it and start procces. Time: depends on the writing speed of The Taget Drive.

What happened to the dual boot mini PC?

Last year, we were promised dual boot mini PC based on Intel that would run Windows 8.1 or Android 4.4, but finally companies decided against shipping a dual boot firmware, and simply loaded Windows 8.1 on their machines.

Can I install Ubuntu on a Wintel cx-w8?

Ubuntu on a wintel cx-w8. Yesterday delivered at my house, this little black box. Android and Wintendo 8.1 pro pre installed in dual boot. Both worked fine. But I want ubuntu on it. So I made a usb with ubuntu 16.04. Plugged it in, went into boot manager at startup…but nope. Tried it several times, even with ubuntu mate.. but

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