under desk mini pc mount

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What are mini PC mounts?

These mounts let you free up space on your desk and keep your mini PC safely hidden. Mini PCs are compact yet powerful computers that take up less space on your desk than full-sized desktops. However, despite their small form factor, you still have to deal with the cabling and protect them from the daily bumps.

How to use under desk computer mounts to save space?

Save desktop space by mounting your PC underneath your desk for a clean working space. These under desk computer mounts will help you declutter your workstation and prevent your PC from attracting dust and dirt. Under desk computer mounts are ideal for implementing a clean desk policy, whether at work or your home office.

What is the best under desk PC Mount?

1home Economical CPU Holder is the cheapest under desk PC mount yet supports a wide range of PCs. The mount can sustain a maximum weight of 44 lbs and an adjustable height up to 31.5 inches and 30.3 inches wide.

What is under-Desk Mount?

Under-Desk Mount features a unique screw head that only you can open to prevent unauthorized removal. When using your computer in high-traffic areas such as open office, classrooms, board rooms, or sharing with others, you must always find ways to protect your PC.

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