trekstor mini pc

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How big is the TrekStor wbx5005 mini-PC?

With roughly 11 x 12 cm of size, the TREKSTOR WBX5005 Mini-PC fits onto every desk and into every media board while not distracting due to its minimalistic design. If so desired, it can even be completely hidden with its preparation for VESA mounting.

Will volumio work on TrekStor mini PC?

our Debian based Volumio distro works fine on a Trekstor Mini PC (see Robert’s opening post) and an AZW Z83 II, which is technically nearly identical to a Beelink BT3). There are still limitations, unfortunately, Beelink removed all it forum references to Z83, so it is very difficult to find proper information.

How do I get help with my TrekStor-device?

Get help for your TREKSTOR-device! Get help, downloads, or direct contact with customer support on the Service and Support page for a quick and uncomplicated solution from the comfort of your home.

Is the TrekStor primetab s11b good?

With this 10,1\” device you get a reliable tablet with a light weight. It comes as a WiFi and LTE version and, thanks to it handiness, can be used in variety of ways at home and while traveling. TREKSTOR Primetab S11B: The 2in1 device has an integrated kickstand and a detachable keyboard which makes it usabale as a tablet or notebook.

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