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What is the Best Mini ITX case?

NZXT H1 The NZXT H1 is a really interesting mini ITX case because it manages to be a tall tower PC, while still remaining small enough to be called an ITX and Small Form Factor (SFF). Perhaps even better, it comes pre-built with almost everything you need.

What is a Mini-ITX case?

This is a Mini-ITX case that was designed by the community and produced by Lian Li in 2013. This case arguably jumpstarted the Mini-ITX category, as the motive behind its conception was that the community was dissatisfied with all the ITX options that were on the market at the time, and so sought to create something better.

What is a Mini-ITX PC?

Mini-ITX rigs make it easier to take your platform to a LAN party or play PC games in the living room (if that\’s your thing). Veteran gaming PC builders looking for a challenge might want to take a crack at seeing what they can cram into a Mini-ITX case and keep everything running without throttling.

What are the Best Mini-ITX cases for 2021?

Best Mini-ITX Cases for 2021: 9 Small Form-Factor Computer Cases Reviewed 1 Our Top Picks for the Best Mini-ITX Cases 2 NZXT H200i 3 Thermaltake Core P1 4 Phanteks Evolv Shift 5 Thermaltake Core V1. If you’re looking for a quick list of the top mini-ITX cases, we’ve selected what we believe is four of the best options currently available.

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