mount mini pc to back of monitor

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How do I mount a mini PC to a monitor?

Bolt the adapter bracket to the back of the monitor, bolt the mini PC to the adapter bracket. Do you want to put the monitor on a mount as well? Then you need something like this:

Can You mount a Mac mini on the back of computer?

Able to support up to 11 pounds, this mount works with various computers, not just the Mac mini. Use as a dock on the back of your monitor or under your desktop. Beside\’s the Apple device, it works with most small CPUs, thin clients, USB 3.0 docking stations, and USB hubs.

Can I mount a mini PC on a VESA mount?

This allows you to mount the mini-PC offset from the mount, and is also a work around to the problem of having a monitor that uses the VESA mount as the stand attachment point as well. Thanks Wheel, I understand what you\’re saying.

Can You mount a monitor on the back of the monitor?

Instructables user Mattlumpkin decided to go ahead and mount it on the back of the monitor itself. The idea is actually really simple. Using a small piece of foam, Mattlumpkin created a shelf on the back of the LCD, and then setup a simple system to quickly attach all the cables.

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