mini pc touch screen

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What is the best mini computer with a built-in touch screen?

Pipo X8 – a full-featured mini-computer for Windows, but at the same time it has a built-in touch screen. If you suddenly want to buy a mini-computer, you will find that the choice, in general, there is.

How do I use the Mini PC?

There are various way to use the mini PC, either as a standalone screen without any peripheral connected using the touchscreen, or as a mini PC with USB keyboard and mouse and potential other accessories, or in a dual display setup with the device connected to an HDMI TV or monitor.

What kind of touchscreen does lebula 7 inch touchscreen monitor have?

【Responsive Touching】Lebula 7 inch touchscreen monitor is equipped with 5-point capacitive touchscreen. This Raspberry Pi display supports multi-touch gestures. The seamless bezel makes it easier to swipe in from the side of the small monitor.

How do I connect the monitor with a mini HDMI-HDMI cable?

2) When you connect the monitor with a mini HDMI – HDMI cable, you will need to use the USB A-C cable in the package to get the touch function, and plug the power adapter at the same time.

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