mini pc snapdragon

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What is the Snapdragon developer kit for Windows?

The Snapdragon Developer Kit for Windows is a cost-effective way to jump-start your development efforts as more Snapdragon powered Windows devices become commercially available. We will have more information rolling out over the course of the summer.

Is the Snapdragon 450E compatible with the Mini PC?

The mini PC runs Android 10 with AI support. The Snapdragon 450 is a mobile SoC with a built-in 4G LTE modem but it’s not used here, and AFAIK there’s no embedded part (Snapdragon 450E) like the Snapdragon 410E specifically designed for embedded applications without a modem.

What is the Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC platform?

Featuring the first commercially announced 10-nanometer SoC, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile PC platform powers a new breed of thin, light 2:1 Windows 10 devices called Always Connected PCs. Now breakthrough always on, always connected user experiences are a new reality thanks to the mobile innovation of the Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform.

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